Exnodes accelerates onboard inspection for real-time tool & process monitoring

Sub-10 nm sensitivity breakthrough

Three 15 nm SiO2 nanoparticles on a Silicon wafer

Computational Parallel Inspection®

  • Parallel Illumination
    • visible wavelength for adaptive & wide-field coverage
  • Computational Imaging
    • wide-field & high-resolution matched detection
  • Yield Learning
    • artificial intelligence for defect classification
  • Learn more from 10 issued patents

Compact footprint enables onboard unpatterned inspection modules

Onboard inspection enables real-time feedback & feedforward loops

Real-time feedback & feedforward loops maximize yield in high volume manufacturing

High sensitivity & throughput inspection

120 wafers/hour at 20 nm SiO2 sensitivity

Simultaneous detection of 8.9 nm to 100 nm defects

Validated by industry leaders over a wide range of defect sizes