Exnodes elevates chip yield with 3 nm node unpatterned wafer inspection

8.9 nm SiO2 sensitivity breakthrough

With visible light that don’t damage wafers like DUV.

Computational Parallel Inspection®

  • Wide illumination coverage with visible wavelengths.
  • Matched detection with wide field computational imaging.
  • Detection, classification & root cause analysis with AI models.
  • Learn more from 10 patents!

Compact footprint enables onboard modules for your cluster tools.

Onboard inspection enables real-time feedback for your process.

Real-time feedback loops maximize yield in your high volume manufacturing.

High sensitivity & high throughput inspection.

120 wafers/hour at 20 nm SiO2 sensitivity.

Simultaneous detection of 8.9 nm to 100 nm defects.

Validated by industry leaders over a wide range of defect sizes.