Before co-founding Exnodes, Michael was an active industrial, government and academic scientist and engineer. Michael’s industrial positions include most recently Yield Engineer at Intel. Prior to that Michael served as Chief Scientist at PiMu Research, Staff Physicist at Rocky Mountain Instruments, Instrumentation Engineer at TauTheta Instruments,  Systems Engineer at Instec, and a research scientist with NIST, Boulder.

Michael holds a PhD in Physics from the University of Colorado and a BS in Physics from Colorado State University and held a research position at Caltech’s LIGO project. Michael has authored publications in a broad range of scientific fields, and has expertise in liquid crystals, nanophotonics, optics, metrology, ultra-high vacuum systems and table-top fundamental physics. Michael has won several research grants, multiple ICAM awards, and has served as the Principal Investigator on a National Science Foundation SBIR grant.

In his spare time, Michael enjoys competing in national Lindy Hop competitions with his wife and dance partner, Gemma.